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Multi-country SaaS payroll for MNCs

ePayslip, a spin-off business unit of Datail holding company, is set up to provide commercially viable HR payroll software for non-outsourcing clients who wish to self-process their payroll. ePayslip has the vision to be the leading Asian HR payroll software provider for MNCs.

Our Distinction

Tapping on the strength and experience of i-Admin, ePayslip was established to provide payroll processing solutions for MNCs operating in Asia, typically with over 100 headcounts. The software is easy to use, flexible and integrates well with major HRM software such as Workday.

Multi-Country, One Platform

Secure Cloud Technology

Seamless Technology Integrations

Consolidated Regional Reports

Our Footprint

The company has the mission to develop and deliver a complete Payroll & HR suite that is accurate and compliant in multiple countries in Asia for the MNCs. ePayslip’s key markets include Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, China and the company will be expanding operations to other parts of Asia.



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